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TerrainComposer is an Unity Extension Tool that enables you to compose AAA quality Unity Terrain. With a few clicks you will get astonishing results. It has a friendly GUI interface and is easy to learn. With this tool it only takes a few minutes to create terrain that normally takes days or weeks to make. It saves you tons of work and time. Speed, quality, realism and its unlimited multi-threading output possibilities makes it a very powerful tool.


TerrainComposer is very flexible and can be used for all kinds of terrains and environments. For example to create terrain for a flight simulator perspective as well as for a first person perspective. You can create low detail with high performance terrain for mobile platforms, as well as high detail AAA terrain for high end graphic platforms. It supports all terrain resolutions, high and low, as well as support for massive multi-terrain and multi terrain editing, which is totally automated.

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